Orgasm: Photographs & Interviews


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Release Date: November 5th, 2014.

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Linda Troeller & Marion Schneider: Orgasm: Photographs & Interviews

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Linda Troeller & Marion Schneider: Orgasm: Photographs & Interviews

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Product Details * Paperback: 188 pages * Publisher: Daylight Books (Nov. 5th, 2014) * Language: English * ISBN-10: 0989798135 * ISBN-13: 978-0989798136

Linda Troeller’s and Marion Schneider’s “Orgasm: Photographs and Interviews” is now available in German language, entitled “Orgasmus: Interviews und Fotografien”. The book can be ordered at Amazon.

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Linda Troeller & Marion Schneiders previous Book and CD, called “The Erotic Lives of Women”. Please set up your account and then choose items to purchase or add them to your wishlist for future purchases, you will be redirected to

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The Erotic Lives of Women – Book

Linda Troeller / Marion Schneider

The Erotic Lives of Women

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Feelings of guilt and shame still shroud much of women’s sexual experience. This book encourages women to break the vicious circle of fear and silence that keeps them from exchanging their erotic knowledge. The American photographer Linda Troeller and the German journalist Marion Schneider have interviewed 35 women from different backgrounds, ages, and cultures about their fantasies, fears, and adventures.

A french teacher, a Brazilian professional singer, a North American film director, a Maroccan housewife: they all share the most intimate parts of their lives with the reader in revealing interviews. Linda Troeller photographed women acting out their sexual dreamsand personae. The Erotic Lives of Woman empowers women to persue a dialogue on their sexuality beyond both age-old repression and mediadriven exhibitionism. It is an unusually frank book that affirms women’s right to find a voice of their own to talk about their bodies, delights, and desires.


Erotic lifes of Women – CD

Linda Troeller / Marion Schneider / music by Junopilot

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What does the word “erotic” mean to you? What was your first erotic experience? What was your strongest erotic experience?
These were the questions that photographer Linda Troeller and writer Marion Schneider asked over 30 women from almost a dozen countries for the bock “The Erotic Lives of Women“. Listen to the original interviews, enriched by soulful downbeats from the band “Junopilot“.

AudioCD Content:

Orgasmic Intro | Cat and Mouse | Greek Wine | Paris | I died… | Soaking wet | Lipstick Red | Swings back | Manjari | Telescope | Time after Time | Elow


Erotic lifes of Women Book and AudioCD

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ELOW Bundle + BOOK & CD