Group exhibition running August 1 – 30, 2015

Sharing pictures from a great show: “Plural I” with Linda Troeller at  Davis Orton Gallery in Hudson, NY. Troeller’s photograph “Dany” of “Orgasm Photographs and Interviews” book is featured in the group exhibition alongside 32 works by 16 artists selected through international competition.

This group exhibition running August 1 – 30, 2015, explores diverse visions about queerness through photo-based works & video. By queerness, we mean work that questions the binary, resists the prescribed gender norms & challenges assumptions about the ways things are placed within neat boundaries. Conceived & curated by Nandita Raman. Jurors Nandita Raman & Karen Davis. | Photographs below taken 8/1/2015 by Lothar Troeller.