Photographer’s Journey: How water makes you feel safe

It was fascinating to hear from the many women we portrayed in our book Orgasm about their sexual lives which varied a lot. For example, Nirvano talked about how including water into her erotic life gives her a feeling of protection:

“I have had many experiences in water or under waterfalls and I love surfing naked. It’s such a good feeling to sit on the board and be with the waves and water. For me, water means protection. I can show myself more easily with the water between me and the other, I can be myself with the other and at the same time lose myself with the other. Water protects me from getting hurt. When I open myself up, I am vulnerable, and there is always the fear of getting hurt. Water is for me like a protective envelope. I don’t need a tank around me, a hard shell; I can open myself and still feel protected. It’s a feeling that is very much connected to the heart, it’s not just sexual.”

Written by Linda Troeller

Featured Image Copyright Linda Troeller