Reviewing our event “Linda Troeller: Apolda – New York”

From June 28th till August 4th we hosted the exhibition “Linda Troeller: Apolda New York” at the Kulturfabrik Apolda in Germany. Thanks to everyone who attended one or more of the wonderful events accompagning the exhibition! For all those who couldn’t make it or who want to re-visit their memories of the exhibition, we present you here a review with many photos:

Vernissage –June 28, 2019

•Welcome: Klaus Dieter Böhm (Curator)
•Opening: Hans Jürgen Giese
•Laudatio: Esther Harrison
•Music: O.M.A. with Igor Seiji (Guit), Nora Benamara(Voc) and SilvinoAlmeida (Guit)

“Dear Linda, Ladies and gentlemen
One of the first exhibitions of the still young art association Apolda Avantgardein their former offices at the brewery was from December 1994 to February 1995 was the presentation of photographs of the American star photographer Linda Troeller. With 27 large-format color photos, the New York-based photo artist tried to convey an impression of what the spa world was about to become under the name of”LiquidSound” as a Bad Sulzaerpioneering project. At that time Linda Troeller already set artistic standards with her illustrated book “Healing Waters” that still touches us all of us today. The MitteldeutscheZeitungof 09.12.1994 wrote: “It is not easy to find the rooms of the ApoldaerAvantgardeFördervereinat Brauhof3. But if you have succeeded, expect a unique memorable visual experience. The photographic realization of what a Liquid Sound fan experiences is an unusual challenge and one can say that Linda Troeller has passed her with flying colors. “
That’s how I personally got to know Linda Troeller and appreciated her as a photo artist. Her pictures live on strong contrasts.Brightness and darkness as well as warm and cold colors collide and show an unsurpassed aesthetic appeal. The floating of the bathers and their detachment, through the use of blur, becoming a unity of water, light and body, in which the spherical sounds of the music can only be guessed. Since then our paths have happily crossed again and again.Whenin 1995 the then President of the Kunstverein, Mr. Klaus-Dieter Böhm coined the term “Toscana of the East” for our region, it was again Linda Troeller, who taught us with her pictures our beautiful cultural landscape between Bad Sulza and Bad Berka. Her photo book “The Seasons of Tuscany of the East”, edited in collaboration with MickyRemann, is a homage to a landscape whose subtle nuances are captured and appreciated at the second glance. In this context, I can not forget the picture of a decaying hut of a farmer on the Poche. When I saw this cabin in the illustrated book, I was convinced to see a hut between Siena and Volterra. A magical transformation that gives us an idea of the special look and artistic skills of this photographer. Linda Troeller has taught us to see our landscape with different eyes. She also contributed to the factthat the initially ridiculed concept of “Tuscany of the East” is firmly rooted in marketing today.
Because of these achievements, it was only logical that Linda Troeller received the order for the catalogs of the APOLDA EUROPEAN DESIGN AWARD 1999,2002 and 2005. These catalogs were realized in the ToskanaTherme, in the Apolda region and in Eiermannbau. They are still part of the project’s magic moments today thanks to their imagery, the feeling for the special detail of the collections and their perfect staging.They are cult. For Linda Troeller it was certainly an appreciation of her achievements to be able to personally witness and memorize the memorable visit of Karl Lagerfeld at the KunsthausApolda Avantgardeand the Eiermannbauin 2005.
Dear Linda, I am grateful to have met you. Happy Birthday and many more creative views that teach, enrich and touch us all.”

Welcome by Hans-JurgenGiese

PoeticReading „Rosalie“

Poetry with Britta Rost:
•Stéphane Hessel, whom she greatly admires, inspired her for this book.
•Author Britta Rost has been writing poems for over two decades.
•”Words full of emotions, springing from a variety of thoughts, experiences, feelings and perceptions.”
•Poems can capture a story in a few words.
•Elsewhere, a whole novel is born. To her it is art to dress the tiny, inconspicuous in big words.

Homelessness – The Gallery Talk

•with Linda Troeller (photographer), Marion Schneider (Toskanaworld GmbH), Dietlind Serafin (social worker), Monika Luft(director of the Apolda homeless shelter and director of the Apolda Tafel), Kathleen Keitel (head of social services at the DiakonieApolda) and Gerlinde Günther(staff member at the Homelessness home, Apolda)
•The discussion took on a mental and thematic approach to Troeller’sphotographs of homeless people in New York, which are also part of the exhibition, asking questions and interacting with the audience and visitors.

“We included in the exhibition my homeless photos in the East Village, NYC. The photo project focuses on displaced people in my neighborhood. In 2016, my house burned to the ground and I moved to this New York neighborhood. Since I had lost all belongings and a large part of my archive, I processed the topic of loss of home in my photos. It is a topic that exists all over the world and traumatizes people. For my own survival and for the survival of the homeless, it was important to bring this need to the fore and make it visible.”

Linda Troeller

Aloha in Apolda

•The experience of Healing Waters and Aloha Spirit with Anita Auer and Musia Heike Bus
•With samples of the Hawaiian massage and hula culture as well as matching music and other surprises, a piece of Hawaii is entering the culture factory.
•A gallery talk between Linda Troeller and Musia Heike Bus brings the worlds together.
•Musia Heike Bus, Anita Auer and Ancke Kohlschmidt were available to visitors for tastings and discussions.

The Erotic Lives of Women

•Marion Schneider and Linda Troeller have published important books on female eroticism with the works “The Erotic Lives of Women” and “Orgasmus”.
•With the publisher Claudia Gehrke (Konkursbuchverlag) and the editor Sunita Sklut they talk about their experience in creating the books and distributing the volumes on the book market.
•The audience was invited to bring in questions and contributions on the subject of female eroticism.

FRAU –Women Empowerment

•FRAU -Women Empowerment Discussion with Linda Troeller, Beate Wiedemann and Marion Schneider.
•Women still need special support for a successful implementation in the world of work, but also in the personal sphere.
•Many women are still disrespected or mistreated. Many women are also under particular pressure due to the burden of work and family.
•These topics were discussed and thus a foundation stone for the event “Women Empowerment” in the coming year was laid.

Movie: The DriftersProject

•TheDRIFTERS PROJECT, begun by Pam Longobardiin 2006 after encountering the mountainous piles of plastic the ocean was regurgitating on remote Hawaiian beaches, has worked directly through local sponsorship, small grant support and personal expenditure by cleaning beaches, making art and working with communities in many countries.
•The movie shown by Korina Gutsche was about the cleaning of the caves of Kefalonia.

Meet the Muses with Apollon

•Theatrical reading, richly poetic and musical, full of condensed memoirs of the Muses, especially from the mortal world and with Comments from various sites.
•Also with Apollo’s world and gender view in his text (with and without *).
•And in the end, the god himself has to slip into the role of a loving muse. He will settle down trying to speak in Erato and her nice words – so good he can do it.
•All this with Christine and Gerben Van der Heide and Viola Michaelis

Flowing Sound and Flowing Pictures

•When Linda Troeller first came to Bad Sulza in 1994, she was not only one of the first to enjoy the newly opened Liquid Sound facility, she was also the first to recognize the aesthetic potential of “bathing in light and music” to capture it with dreamlike photographs.
•Micky Remann conceived Liquid Sound as an auditory experience, a combination of water and sound.
•Transforming the art of flowing sound into the art of flowing imagery implies a radical departure from the practice of showing people or baths merely with their surface, instead invading the inner world of bathers. In this aspect, Linda Troeller’s Liquid Sound photo series deserves the label immersive.

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