Where we come from and where we’re headed: Our Mission Statement

Readers of this blog might have wondered, who is behind this content and what exactly it is that we as creators of this blog want. Look no further for answers! Last week we shared an interview with author and CEO Marion Schneider, in which she told the story of meeting photographer Linda Troeller and creating with her the books Erotic Lives of Women and Orgasm. The two women shared the vision to focus on female sexuality in order to help women worldwide understand and fulfill their sexuality and celebrate the divine female. This was the beginning of a wonderful and fruitful professional partnership and friendship.

In the following years they met several other women who shared their desires for a more open society and so their group grew. In 2016 I met Marion Schneider during my traineeship at the publishing house which released the German translation of Orgasm. I was a student then, taking my first steps in the publishing industry. After my traineeship had ended, I continued working with Marion Schneider and Linda Troeller and we created and expanded several Social Media accounts, among them the English Facebook page Orgasm, the German Facebook page FRAU – Women Empowerment and the Instagram account f.r.a.u (“Frau” is the German word for woman).

Through these platforms we are reaching women worldwide, sharing content about women empowerment and female sexuality. For us it was always evident that empowered women empower women. Only united we can create a society in which we can express our feelings and wishes freely and live as respected members regardless of our gender. This is what we’ve experienced during the last years as women started to stand up for themselves and for each other. Though there is still so much injustice, discrimination and gender hate in this world, we are convinced that we as women have already achieved a great deal. An important part of this success is taking the freedom to talk about our experiences. That way we find out that although we are all wonderfully different we are not alone. This is what we want to offer women through our community.

(By the way: There are even more exciting things to come which we are right now preparing for women who want to be empowered. So stay tuned to not miss any updates!)

This spring Linda Troeller, Marion Schneider and me sat together in the beautiful German spa town of Bad Sulza/Auerstedt and drafted our brief but heartfelt mission statement. We’d love for you to join our community by following us on Facebook and Instagram or reaching out to us via mail: info@orgasm.local

In this sense we hope that you will join us in our mission which can be described as followed:

We have a powerful drive to share experiences with body, mind and soul through art, culture and communication. Our goal is to build a global network of powerful women ready to evolve. Through our projects we come in contact with the most inspirational teachers and leaders to help us fulfil our idea: come to yourself.


Written by Sunita Sukhana

Featured image by Linda Troeller


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