Photographer’s journey: The dangerous road to knowing yourself

Through book projects I’ve discovered over and over how life affirming sexual pleasure is. I was obliged to care for my parents at an early age and this interfered with my personal space, which is why I still offer immediacy easily to people as I think I will gain insight and connection with them. Sometimes people take liberties. Sometimes I think that it’s love, when it isn’t. So I’ve learned to have more boundaries. Body and mind transformations like my own are a force to deposit in our genes for the women of the next generation.

Everything that pleases you and makes you happy is healthy. Your upbringing, religion, body tolerances etc. will teach you. When you know yourself, you will live in a balanced state. These feelings are in us to grow, receive, give, and to find our deep inner joy.  The experiences are powerful and can awaken some of one’s darkest thoughts and addictions. It is a journey. There are always side roads and dangerous crossings. So stay focused on the map. I hope my photographs and remembrances offer possibilities to “come to yourself.”

written by Linda Troeller

picture copyright Linda Troeller from the book Orgasm