Photographer’s journey: The healing power of photography

Since my first published photograph of a woman with a wedding dress ripped off at the waist, standing over a huge cactus, was published in the Village Voice, I’ve often chosen to explore taboos. Over the years the projects went deeper into the chasm of sexual identity. Photography like radiation is dangerous and uncanny but potentially healing.

The philosopher Judith Butler writes that one may feel the need to be recognized in order to live, but that at the same time the prerequisites for being recognized make life “unlivable.” My practice is to reflect on things we need that take us forward or that give us a chance to pause. With my photography I’m asking the questions: Who am I? What is natural? What is eternal? On this blog I am going to share all the answers I found during my years as a photographer influenced by the people who I portrayed with my work.

written by Linda Troeller

Featured image copyright Linda Troeller from the book Orgasm