Photographer’s Journey: The excitement of sexual fantasies

We talked with women from all over the world about their orgasms and sexual fantasies for our book Orgasm. Here’s an excerpt from the interview with Sabine:

“I had lots of strong, intense orgasms and the last one seems always the strongest. It was never my intention to look back and to count them. But I’m looking forward to a life that opens up new horizons and opportunities which includes of course a fulfilled sexual life. I never could imagine a life without sex. I made some basic decisions during my life to ensure that I always can have sex.

Of course I have fantasies and I use them on and off while having sex. My fantasies are a kind of short movie. They all have an element of risky situation. They are a part of stimulating my excitement but I don’t need them to get an orgasm. When it comes to an orgasm I just follow along.

Women’s sexuality is politically determined but it should be about self-determination of woman in all areas of social, political and private life, which includes sexuality.”

Featured Image Copyright Linda Troeller