Photographer’s Journey: Women who squirt and the importance of talking about sex

Often when I lecture on our Orgasm book project and female sexuality, men ask me how to help a woman to squirt during sex. In the book two women speak about their experiences. Miss Amelia said, “Orgasm is something that I crave and love to have as often as possible – a few times a day actually. I’m a squirter, a female ejaculator is I guess what they say and that makes it extremely enjoyable, not just for me but also for my partner. I can’t really fake an orgasm – it’s really obvious when I have one. And I have different kinds of orgasms, stimulated from different places.”

And Merva added, “I am telling you now that I am squirting. I was not able to do that ten years ago. I would have been ashamed. I am 37 now and I am in an open relationship. It makes me a very strong and free person. When I was younger and I was dating a guy, I would always think: “Does he like me? Am I not beautiful enough?” Today I think: “Do I like him?” Both of the questions are really hard, because I do not always know if I like him. It is a completely different place to be. You realize that every intimacy is going to be completely different. There is not one sexual experience. Every man I encounter brings out something else in me. They bring out different sexualities. There is no way to match any sex I ever had to another one.

When I started doing it, people told me: “Sex is not something you talk about. Sex is something you do”. I said: “No, sex is something you talk about.” I did not agree with them. I remember meeting people for whom sexuality was the central aspect of their life. They were writing erotic porn and they were the ones that told me: “You don’t talk about sex, you do it.” I believe this attitude to be wrong. This is why I agreed to participate in the Orgasm book, even though it is uncomfortable. It is very important to talk about it.”

Written by Linda Troeller

Featured Image Copyright Linda Troeller

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